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Optiv Performance 662

Compact 3D-CMM, maschine base and fixed bridge made of solid granite. All axis are equipped with precise roller bearings and moved using DC servo drives with precision, backlash free centre mounted ball screws.


Measuring Range
X 600 mm
Y 600 mm
Z 200 mm
Max. Load for glass plate 40 kg
Measurement uncertainty acc. VDI/VDE 2617 (L=measuring length in mm)
1D X, Y or Z-Axis: E1 = ± (1,9 + L/200) µm
2D X and Y, Z and Y or Z and X: E2 = ± (2,4 + L/150) µm
3D X/Y/Z-Axis: E3 = ± (2.9 + L/100) µm
2-stage zoom with electronic change of magnification
Focusing Laser Sensor FLS
Laser system with large measuring range for fast focusing
and contour profile scanning
Mechanical probe Renishaw TP200


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