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Our manufacturing equipment is always kept state-of-the-art. A long term investment strategy guarantees our technological competiveness also for the future.

We are manufacturing using CNC technology from Hermle. The Hermle machining centers are used due to their quality and high precision and are capable to manufacture components with up to 5 axes.

CNC programs are prepared using state-of-the-art CAM programming stations using the MASTERCAM software. All machining processes will be simulated before the machining process.

The machines are either by our highly qualified staff or fully automatically using robot systems. Highly complicated 3 D shapes and free-form surfaces are a daily routine for us. Extreme feed rates of up to 45m/min and rotational speeds of up to 18,000 rpm are regularly used. We possess huge experience in the machining of expensive materials like Vespel, Peek and Titanium.

We ensure the quality by using CNC controlled coordinate measuring machines (CMM) from Messrs.Wenzel, Mahr and Mycrona. Dimensions are checked tactile, optical or via laser and documented electronically.


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