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Employees and principles

At Hitega Präzisionsmechanik GmbH we are convinced that people working in our company need to harmonize and must have common goals to ensure that joint effort will lead to success.

Our human resources management should deliver - starting with the filling of posts – a major contribution to achieve our company goals.

Development of employees and a long-term healthy growth depend on each other.

The professionalism, the commitment and the enthusiasm of our employees are reflected in our values:

We are professional
We act responsible and pro active, we are always aiming for top quality and we are specialists in our field

We are reliable.
We do what we say and we say what we do. We listen to our customers and we jointly develop proposals to realize the requirements of our customers

We are willing to realize and to change.
We are approaching tasks without bias and we are searching for innovative amd distinct solutions.

We are excited.
We enjoy mastering new challenges and see ourselves as a team.


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