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C 30 U with Handlingssystem HS 30

Working area
Traverse X-Y-Z 650-600-500 mm
Linear rapid traverse X-Y-Z 45 m/min
Linear acceleration X-Y-Z 6 m/s2
Main spindle drive
Speed: 18000 1/min
Torque 130 Nm
Main power 15 kW
Tool changer (Pick up)
Magazine positions 120
Chip-to-chip-time* ca. 5.5 s
Tool collision control Blum-Novotest GmbH
Heidenhain iTNC530
NC-controlled swiveling rotary table
Clamping surface Ø 280mm
Swivel range: +/- 115° 
Speed-swiveling axis A
One-sided drive of swiveling axis A 25 1/min
Speed-rotary axis C: 40 1/min
Type of drive C: worm
Max. Table load: 300 kg
T-NuteT-grooves star 4/ 14 H7
Through the spindle coolant supply up to 40 bar/ 14 H7
Handlingssystem HS 30
Advantages for the user
Short change-over times for parts/palettes
Short way of transportation for parts/palettes
High availability and safety
Ideal load factor of machine in 2-or 3-shifts
Unmanned use due to high degree of automation
High degree of freedom in working area
Reduced wasted time due to high acceleration
Guide ways outside of working area
Low maintenance drive systems and guide ways
Max.part weight: max. 40 kg
Max. part size BxT: 360 x 230 mm
Max.acceleration: 5 m/s²
Max.speed: 170 m/min


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