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Wenzel LH87

The LH87 is a CNC-Bridge machine with tactile probe system. All guides are made from hard granite and are extremely precise. The bridge is moved on one side.

Measuring Range
X 800 mm
Y 2000 mm
Z 700 mm
Usable area 2780 mm x 1040 mm
Max. Load for glass plate 1200 kg
Measurement uncertainty acc. VDI/VDE 2617 ( L=measuring length in mm)
Increased precision
U1 (2 + L/350) µm
U3 (2.5 + L/250) µm
Measuring probe SP25
Extremely precise and flexible for probe length up to 200 mm, optional up to 400 mm. Probe modules and probes can be changed automatically via magazine. Use together with PH10M or PH6M. For scanning and individual measurements.


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