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Historical Milestones

In the Beginning there was the Idea

 … to fashion something and to organise it.  This idea became a plan and it was in this way and with the necessary portion of entrepreneurial spirit that the Company Hitega Präzisionsmechanik in Gangkofen originated two decades ago.

Anyone who cannot or does not want to be distinguished by size must stand out  by his individual dexterity and capabilities. This conviction was the entrepreneurial basis and is manifested today in our slogan “The Spirit of Precision”.

Our employees at Hitega see themselves as specialists in their field, who in responsible team work and with enthusiasm transform our customer’s ideas and concepts into technologically high class products. In the international business-to-business markets in which we operate there is increasing demand for the solving of problems and services, the technological complexity of which will continue to increase. We see the continuous improvement of the processes and of our own capabilities as a basis for a lasting and mutual success in our customer relations.



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